NACAS Social Care Radio Podcast

We know that social care is often not seen in the same light as healthcare. Yet social care provides a vital, important service. It needs to be seen and valued as an equally important professional body which deserves the same level of gratitude and respect as is afforded to the healthcare sector.

Paul Featherstone, Chairman and Founder of National Association of Care and Support Workers: “Working in social care has completely changed my life, I am more passionate about social care than I ever envisaged. It is an absolute privilege and honour to have the opportunity to be directly involved with someone’s ongoing care and support.”

Even though workers in the social care sector love their jobs, they often feel undervalued, they feel that their work goes unnoticed and unrewarded. One reason why this is the case is due to the fact that gratitude is expressed in the third person. Obviously the care home resident is grateful that the social care worker is making their life as comfortable as possible.

To listen to to the full interview on TAP’s Social Care radio show featuring Paul here:

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