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Membership for everyone

We want everyone working in care to be recognised as a professional.  That's why we have membership options for paid and unpaid care workers, managers, employers, students and supporters.

Full membership

Full membership is for those working in care.  You'll get a range of benefits with your membership and be able to show others that you're a Care Professional.


Paid Care Worker

Our full membership for paid care workers is open to everyone who in either full or part time paid employment as a care or support worker.  You'll get free training, access to community events and proof of your status as a care professional.

Monthly membership

£2.50 p/m


Unpaid Carer

If you're an unpaid carer, your membership is free.  Just provide us with evidence of your unpaid carer status and you'll get the same benefits and support as paid full members.

Monthly membership




If you are a care manager or director, or are undertaking a registered managers qualification, you can join as a manager and in addition to core member benefits also join our managers group with special meetings, courses and events.

Monthly membership

£6.00 p/m


Affiliate membership

If you're a student, work in a role associated with care or if you want to support Nacas in another way, you can join us as an Affiliate.


Student member

Membership for students in social care, nursing or associated study programs, or students in any other field but work part time as a care worker.  For a discounted rate, you'll get free training, access to community events and proof of your status as a care professional.

Monthly membership

£1.50 p/m



If you are associated with or interested in care either through your job, professional field or interest, you can join as a supporter.  You'll get access to our community events and can choose to add access to some courses and education.

Monthly membership

£4.00 p/m


Employer membership

Employers are an important part of Nacas membership.  If you would like to discuss how membership can benefit your organisation and your team, contact us to discuss your options.

Employer membership

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What our members say about us 


'I feel honoured to be a member and your emails are a constant boost to morale and a reminder of why I do the work I do.'


Great Organisation

'I have been with NACAS only for a year and feel they try their best to achieve what all of us deserve. I appreciate your hard work and support. Thank you in behalf of every care and support worker.'


Fantastic Resource

'Great resource and much needed for us care workers! Thanks goodness that we have a body and feel supported in so many ways. Thanks again everyone who makes NACAS possible :)'



'I really appreciate the work this association is doing to better its members. Thank you the benefit is more than the value of what we are paying for.'