Loneworker support

The LookOut Call lone worker app offers peace of mind for care workers that regularly lone work.

What do I get?

Lookout Call is very simple to use on any phone via ‘voice recognition’ or ‘speed dials’. An iPhone lone worker safety app is also available.  It is an automated ‘Buddy’ lone worker solution which is 100% reliable.  Lone workers contact the system via their phone and leave a spoken message describing their location. They then set a timed countdown covering the duration of their next task or journey.

If the countdown expires the system initially calls the lone worker to check they are safe [PIN number is requested]. An alarm is raised if the lone worker fails to enter the PIN correctly. The system then automatically alerts pre-nominated colleagues [Responders] or an ARC [Alarm Receiving Centre] to escalate the matter.

The ‘worker overdue’ alarm is raised even if the lone workers mobile phone has been turned off, is out of signal or destroyed.

An alarm is also raised if the lone worker sets the emergency panic alarm, or if they book a call-back during the countdown but fail to acknowledge when called.  

How to get this benefit?

You'll be provided with details of how to access Lookout Call with your Nacas membership pack.

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