Community have spent decades protecting workers in the UK, and are now opening their doors to everyone. So no matter how or where you work, they can protect your job, your living and your family life.

Caron Cares

At Caron Cares, Caron Sprake offers advice and information for anyone caring for the elderly or those with dementia.

The Phlebtomy Centre

The mission of The Phlebotomy Centre is to ensure that the Phlebotomy industry receives the recognition it deserves with their fantastic membership package and a shared philosophy with their partners, they will help their members realise how important they truly are.

Fly high with their tailored Membership packages, specifically designed for Phlebotomists and Healthcare Practitioners. From career support to medical malpractice insurance, and every step in between.

The Great British Care Awards

The Great British Care Awards are a series of regional events throughout England and are a celebration of excellence across the care sector. The purpose of the awards are to pay tribute to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding excellence within their field of work.

Insequa Ltd.

Insequa provides tender writing, policy writing and CQC compliance services to the social care sector.

They are experts in social care business development and write winning tenders for all areas of the sector and understand the changing landscape and technical details of social care provision.

They have developed a range of innovative and engaging policy products that enhance communication and 'readability' and confirm that policies have been read and understood by care staff.

Insequa help care organisations prepare for CQC Inspections or help them develop and work through remedial action plans in the event of a 'Requires Improvement' rating.

Eternal Balance

Eternal Balance have a focus on health, social care training and consultancy. Their values are of quality before profit, ethical, honest, transparent, and values-based business. They are building up a customer base and partnerships across the UK and America.

Compare All Care

Compare All Care is an online directory and resource covering health, child and social care here in the UK.

Services listed range from fertility clinics to funeral directors, and everyone in between. Simply put, everything where the end user has the 'Choice' of who to use.

Their focus is to:

  • Give you with a comprehensive directory to help you choose services right across the board located near us all.
  • Raise awareness of service quality by way of end user reviews and the sharing of experiences from individuals very own health, child or social care journeys.
  • Sharing knowledge and information from experts in their field on a vast array of health and care related topics.


Tlero is a wellbeing platform that works towards reducing stress, anxiety and depression to improve employee wellbeing in the workplace.